The Britblog Roundup was founded by blogger extraordinaire Tim Worstall on 20th February 2005:
“Further to yesterday’s announcement that I shall be doing a weekly BritBlog Roundup here is the first one. The rules are simple, anything blogged by either a citizen of or resident of the four nations situated in the British Isles can be sent in, thus the use of the logo of the British and Irish Lions (which, no doubt, will get me into copyright trouble). Pieces can be nominated by their author or by anyone else struck by the quality of it. Only one per blog and one nomination per person please!”

It began its peregrinations on 4th March 2007 (Edition 107).

The first Radio Five Live Pods and Blogs slot was broadcast on 17th July 2007 (Edition 126).

Editorial Policy

In keeping with the Founding Father’s tradition of strict political neutrality in terms of inclusion, the Hosting Team strives to ensure that every single nomination in a given week appears in the Roundup. Occasionally, however, hosts may omit content they find grossly offensive, although this is the absolute exception. We prefer to convey our disapproval by more subtle means than censorship.

We are only human and may inadvertently overlook a recommendation in the stress of the moment or be unable to take account of it due to late submission. As a general rule, the Roundup is published on the host blog every Sunday, although since the radio collaboration commenced there has been a slippage to the Monday to coincide with the broadcast.

Beyond the obligation to respect the principle of inclusiveness, hosts are free to adopt whatever style they wish.

Hosting Rota

Please note that the following dates may be subject to change depending on the vicissitudes of life away from the keyboard:

November 2010
7th November Jackart
14th November Mick Fealty
21st November Charles Crawford
28th November Natalie

December 2010
5st December Matt Wardman
12th December Jackart
19th December cabalamat
26nd December Chameleon

January 2011
2nd January Mick Fealty
9th January Charles Crawford
16th January Natalie
23rd January Matt Wardman
30th January Chameleon

How to Submit Nominations

The procedure is quite simple. All you need to do is send a mail with a link to the post you would like to see included (and a brief summary of the contents if you feel so inclined, but this is not compulsory as each weekly host will read the submission) to the following address: britblog [at] gmail [dot] com

Hosting Team

Natalie Bennett, Philobiblon

Cabalamat, Amused Cynicism

Chameleon, Redemption Blues

Charles Crawford

Mr Eugenides

Mick Fealty, Slugger O'Toole

Jackart, A Very British Dude

Susanne Lamido, Suz Blog

Trixy, Is there more to life than shoes?

Matt Wardman, The Wardman Wire